Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Drone Army continued and some more environments

 I started to think about a sort of old dirty looking exo skeleton or Armour that housed or protected a black slimy slug inside, sort of evil primal ooze, this then became  an oily viscous tar that would be constantly moving under the hard shell,  pretty Creepy I thought?

I really liked the idea of an over sized blob head as well so went with that for a while..

I remember showing these to Alex and the team and he asked me to continue exploring this idea.
that's when we started finalizing the materials on the suit, a mix of a ceramic  or porcelain, some kind of treated wood and metal.
The second phase in the sketches saw the drone becoming more masculine a more typical warrior physique.
There was then a quick chat about proportions and we thought a more androgynous approach could work, something more unsettling perhaps going down the horror rout.
 that pretty much led to the final look of the Stygian, elongated limbs, swollen doll like head, with an occasional sticky tentacle flicking out from under the protective out layer.

and he above final image is what we went with

Eventually these guys needed variants  so I did some heads to get an idea of how far we could push it
These guys were random variants I did throughout the whole process that for one reason or another didn't fit in : (

and Some early ideas for the docks, I personally loved the rotting demon whale but it got lost along the way somehow?

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